World Health Organization

How to stay safe online in 2020

How to be safe online this year?That’s the advice from experts who will share their tips on what to do when online, whether it’s your social media account or your phone.Read MoreFrom the University of Iowa, which will present the findings on May 16 at its annual meeting, the researchers found that online social networks…

What you need to know about the universal health care bill that passed the Senate

What you should know about President Trump’s healthcare bill, according to Vox: A look at what the bill does, what it doesn’t do, and what it means for the future of the Affordable Care Act.

How the Obama administration shut down Obamacare’s health care expansion

By Tom BowermanAssociated PressAUSTIN, Texas (AP) Health officials are scrambling to find a way to expand coverage to people with pre-existing conditions under President Donald Trump’s health law.The administration announced Friday it was shutting down a key Obamacare expansion that had allowed people to shop for health insurance and get coverage on their own.The announcement…

Which new medical technologies will make you smarter?

The New York Times has a fascinating look at which new medical technology will make us smarter and the impact of those new technologies.Among them are a new implantable medical device called “smartglove” and a wearable camera that can scan a person’s heart and analyze its activity.The NYT also reports that doctors will be able…

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