When we’re ready to move on from Obamacare, here are some other ideas we’re considering

The first of the two-week rollout of Obamacare is about to start.We’re looking for a few ideas on how we can get the system rolling.1.Get out of the way of a government shutdown: In a new poll from Politico, nearly half of respondents (47%) want to get out of a shutdown in order to avoid…

Published by admin inSeptember 1, 2021

The first of the two-week rollout of Obamacare is about to start.

We’re looking for a few ideas on how we can get the system rolling.


Get out of the way of a government shutdown: In a new poll from Politico, nearly half of respondents (47%) want to get out of a shutdown in order to avoid a government default.

They’d prefer to have the government continue to function, rather than shut down.

The poll, conducted by the nonpartisan Quinnipiac University and conducted Sept. 12-15, found the public supports the shutdown as a way to stop the government from going bankrupt and stop a potential default.

But they also think it would be a mistake to shut down the government.

Most Americans think it’s likely the government will default again this year, and about half (49%) think the country is heading for a government crisis, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released last week.

Some conservatives are already advocating a shutdown as the only way to save Obamacare.

They say a shutdown would force the U.S. to shut off health care services to millions of Americans, who would then have to pay more for private insurance.


End the mandate to buy health insurance: If Obamacare is repealed, many Americans would still have to buy insurance, regardless of how they pay for it.

Some 43% of Americans said they wouldn’t pay more because of the mandate, according an Ipsos poll conducted Sept and 15.

In a Reuters poll conducted this week, 55% of respondents said they would like to see Congress extend the mandate while also ending the subsidies and deductibles that make insurance so expensive.


Repeal the requirement to have insurance or pay a penalty: A majority of Americans support ending the mandate and replacing it with a penalty for people who don’t have health insurance.

The survey found 55% support ending that requirement.

But a plurality (45%) of Americans want Congress to keep it.

Many conservatives have said that Congress should repeal the mandate in order for them to keep the subsidies.

The Trump administration has indicated that repealing the mandate will likely require a budget deal.

The Congressional Budget Office released a report on the mandate’s economic impact Sept. 23.


Cut subsidies for the wealthy: The mandate’s $2,500 per family premium, or the $1,000 per family deductible, is paid by those with employer-sponsored coverage.

That’s why it’s so unpopular with the public.

A majority (52%) of respondents think it is unfair to penalize the wealthy, while just 36% say it is the right way to help people afford health care.

But about half of Americans say the mandate has made insurance unaffordable, according a Reuters-Ipsa poll released Sept. 14.


Make the law work for everybody: Americans want to make sure everyone has access to health care, but they don’t want to take the federal government out of health care decisions for everyone.

In the latest poll by Quinnipac, more than half of voters (56%) said they want to keep Obamacare in place while also ensuring that everyone has health insurance, while 41% want to roll back the mandate.

In addition, about half think the mandate is an unnecessary government intrusion into the health care industry.

The question is whether the GOP can unite around that plan and force a compromise.

The last time we did this survey, Trump said he wanted to see a deal.

He told reporters at the White House that he was open to working with Democrats to get a deal on health care reform.

It’s too soon to know what the negotiations might look like.

The latest poll results are based on interviews conducted Sept-15 with 1,004 adults nationwide.

The margin of sampling error for the full sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Polling director Dan Abrams can be reached at [email protected]

Follow him on Twitter at @danabrams.

Find the full Globe Poll here.

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