How to get more from your health insurance coverage

When it comes to covering health insurance, you’re not going to get everything you want from your coverage.There are many things you should keep in mind if you plan to shop for coverage.1.What is your deductible?Your deductible is the amount you’re paying per visit.It’s the amount your insurance pays per month.2.What are your maximum deductibles?The…

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When it comes to covering health insurance, you’re not going to get everything you want from your coverage.

There are many things you should keep in mind if you plan to shop for coverage.1.

What is your deductible?

Your deductible is the amount you’re paying per visit.

It’s the amount your insurance pays per month.2.

What are your maximum deductibles?

The maximum deductible for an individual is $6,400 for an entire year.3.

What’s your maximum deductible?

If you have more than $6.1 million in income, your maximum allowable deductible is $2,000 per month, per person.4.

What happens if you need to change your plan?

You may be able to switch plans for up to three months.

Your deductible will then increase to reflect that change.5.

What will your plan cover if I get a new job?

The new employer must provide health insurance for you and your family during the new job.

It also must provide you with coverage during the period of employment.6.

How much do my kids get covered?

Your kids’ health coverage may be limited to a maximum of $6 per month for a family of four, with an additional $5 per month per child under age 18, and an additional minimum of $2 per day per child age six and under.7.

How will my kids’ coverage be changed if I switch plans?

Your children’s health insurance will change if you switch plans.

They will no longer be covered.

Your children will no more be covered if you change to a different plan.8.

Will my kids be covered under my new employer’s health plan?


You will continue to receive coverage for your kids under your new employer.

If your kids switch plans, they will continue their coverage under your current employer.9.

Do I need to pay my kids any premium?

Yes, you must pay a $5 surcharge for each month you pay your kids’ premiums.10.

Can my kids have a co-pay?

Yes they can, provided you make them sign up for a plan.11.

How can I change my coverage?

You can change your coverage through your state’s insurance commissioner.

The state’s consumer bureau can help you change your plans or change the date that your coverage ends.12.

What if my child is under age 26?

Your child’s health coverage will be changed to the plan of your choice, unless you sign up to a plan that’s a higher-deductible, lower-coverage plan.13.

What should I do if my kids need to see a doctor?

If your children need a doctor’s visit, you can ask your health plan for a waiver to skip the doctor visit.

You may also need to ask your employer to waive the cost of a doctor visit or provide a discount to pay for a referral to a physician.14.

Can I get my kids a health savings account?

Yes you can.

You can set up an account for your children’s insurance.15.

Do my kids qualify for a premium subsidy?

Yes for all children who enroll in a new plan.16.

Can children use their parents’ money to pay their premiums?

Yes under the Affordable Care Act, children can use their parent’s health savings accounts for health insurance.

They can also use them to pay premiums for their family members.17.

What about my kids with pre-existing conditions?

Your family member with a pre-existing condition can use a child’s employer-provided health insurance plan to pay his or her health insurance premiums, as long as the policy meets the requirements for the plan and the policy has been approved by the state.18.

How do I know if my children are eligible for a health plan subsidy?

You should ask your child’s family member about the policy.

If he or she can’t answer, the insurer can check the status of the policy on the state’s website.19.

Will I be able, after I sign up, to use my children’s tax refund to pay the premium?

The state’s exchange website will let you know whether you qualify for premium subsidies.20.

Can the government charge my kids for my kids health insurance?

No, the state does not regulate insurance premiums.21.

Can insurance companies charge my children higher premiums?

Insurance companies may charge children with pre or post-existing medical conditions higher premiums.22.

Do you have to pay more for health care?


You are allowed to buy the same coverage as your kids.23.

Do health insurance companies have to include my kids in their plans?

Yes and no.

Your health insurance company will have to make sure that you are covered.24.

Can health insurance cover my childrens prescription drugs?

Yes health insurance plans must cover prescription drugs for kids under age 21, with no limit on the number of prescriptions a child can have.25.

Will the state charge my parents more for their children

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